15 April 2006

Holy Ghost

This is a toast
To my golly host
As most may know
Tower host hosts like Holy Ghost
Almost done to build the Disco
He smashes it down
By his crown
The goofy clown
This host boasts
Without no word crossing no lip
He doubles it for your luck
What you paid a year in back
Breach of contract more or less
This holy ghost provides just another rotten mess
How'll behave the following fellow
Upload again of some 600MB pages - oh
This is a toast
Howl howl
Howls the brave little cat
Mau Tse Dong


At 11:43 AM, Blogger lala said...

Man muss diese Abschiedsversli auf Tower27 mit Hot Mango Flush auf J-Tull Dot Com im Ohr lesen, als wie Ian Anderson mit Captain Beefheart in der Magic Band es vortragen würde.


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